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Brass OM - 9"


    The striking 9” brass OM symbol is an attractive addition to any room’s décor. Or you might want to dive into the various symbolic meanings and uses for OM. It is said that the three sounds of the word OM comprise your three states of consciousness: waking, dreaming, and deep sleep. The first sound in OM is “a” – pronounced like the “a” in “accounting” – and it represents your waking state of consciousness. The dream state exists between deep sleep and your waking state of consciousness, and is thus represented by the middle sound “u”. This “u” is pronounced like the “u” in “would”. The end sound is “m”, said like the “m” in “sum”, and it’s symbolic of your deep sleep state. The closing sound in pronouncing OM ties in with deep sleep being the final stage of your mind as it rests. The fourth state of consciousness, called the “turiya” state, comes in between successive repetitions of OM. This is a state of bliss where duality slips away and you recognize your identity with the supreme oneness. –

    • This OM symbol is made of solid, heavy brass.
    • It stands 9” high.
    • The sounds of OM represent the four states of the ultimate God.
    • The sounds of OM also represent the four states of human consciousness.

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