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Earth Henna Body Painting Kit

Earth Henna

    Henna body painting is becoming more and more popular. It is attractive, simple to use, and natural. It is also temporary, so if you are not committed to a permanent tattoo design, you now have a reasonable alternative.

    Henna is a flowering plant that grows wild in dry parts of the world like the Middle East, Africa and India. For hundreds of years henna has been used to dye the skin, fingernails, and hair as well as leather and wool. Since many of the ancient languages have different words for henna, it’s suspected that the plant’s usefulness was discovered independently throughout the ancient world.

    Body painting is individual and has been culturally ritualized. It really knows no limits. Henna was felt by the ancients to contain blessings and therefore it was applied for luck and joy as well as beauty.

    “The Night of the Henna” is a celebration found among peoples who live where the henna plant grows wild. Jews, Muslims, Hindus, early Christians and Zoroastrians (among others) decorate brides and/or grooms’ bodies at this celebration. Intricate designs adorn the hands or feet traditionally, but you can put a henna design on most areas of your body.

    Just because something is labeled ‘natural’ does not insure safety. Some people have allergies – think shellfish, peanuts or strawberries. Be sure to follow the recommended guidelines in your kit for your own safety. Then enjoy your own “Night of the Henna” and relax while your body is painted.

    • Our Earth Henna Body Painting Kit is a complete product.
    • The kit contains pre-measured henna paste which lasts 4 weeks after mixing.
    • A professional applicator and tip, along with cotton swabs and toothpicks, make it easy to copy the stencils or to create your own design.
    • Contains: 5 gm henna powder, 6 gm oil of eucalyptus, Earth Henna solution; no sugar or lemon is needed with this product.

    For an FAQ on Mehndi Henna Tattoos click here.

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