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Kali Mantra Bracelet

Rudra Centre

    Are you feeling off center? Is the world all of a bit too much just now? Yes? Then our healing bracelet with a Sanskrit mantra to Mother Kali is for you. This mantra, Om Eim, Hrim Klim Chamundayei Vicche, brings self-confidence and joy when you’re in difficulty. If your life is sailing along just fine, you can still enjoy wearing our Kali Mantra Bracelet just for its sheer beauty. In the Mahabharata Lord Krishna advises Arjuna, as he prepares for battle, to wear a panchdhatu bracelet to maximize his chances for victory. Panchdhatu means five metals and studies of Vedic astrology and modern science have actually determined that wearing bracelets of five metals can reduce the impact of an ominous planetary configuration on your life, this improving your chances of success. Today’s science has shown these metals enhance your will power, your ability to concentrate, your assertiveness and confidence. This Kali Mantra Bracelet is meant for you to help you find success in your life. –

    • Our unisex bracelet’s mantra translates as “Om and salutations to Kali.”
    • The Kali Mantra Bracelet is handcrafted and has a quality finish.
    • Made from the five metals: silver, gold, bronze, brass, and copper.
    • One size fits all.

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    1. Kali bracelet is lovely.  star rating

      Posted by Gina Fajardo on 23rd May 2016

      Item is as pictured, though the metal in the center is copper and not silver colored. I am satisfied with this purchase.

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