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Kali Natha Yoga Booklet

Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati

    Kali Natha Yoga is not quite like any other style of yoga and yet it touches upon all forms of yoga. Kali Natha Yoga is described as the yoga of awakening and transformation by the editors of this introductory work. Ma Jaya’s description is more lyrical. She says the music of the soul awakens when you perform Kali Natha Yoga, that you feel your body’s beauty unfolding. Kali Natha Yoga is a moving prayer made up of postures, breath awareness, the sound of mantras, hand gestures and an inner intent. You do not require great dexterity or balance or youthfulness to do the Kali Natha Yoga asanas. They can be done in a bed, a chair, on the floor, anywhere. You can adapt the asana to fit your needs. All you truly need is the intention to do the asana and your inner beauty begins to emerge.

    Ma Jaya’s yoga came from her deep inner realization of her own spirituality. She shares what she learned from her Guru, Neem Karoli Baba, and her great teacher, Swami Nityananda. For centuries the yoga Ma shares with you was only handed down orally. This small book begins to set forth on paper an ancient tradition that can change your life. Classes in Kali Natha Yoga are now beginning to spread across America and Canada, but you do not have to wait until one starts in your area. You can buy this book and begin now to experience Kali Natha Yoga’s transformative effects. –

    • Spiral bound, 52 pages.
    • Published by Kashi Church Foundation.
    • “Kali Natha Yoga” is an introduction to the yoga of intent, the yoga of moving prayer, the yoga of transformation.
    • It is for the beginner, the intermediate, and the advanced yoga practitioner, for anyone who desires to open up to the inner light that is in everyone.

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