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Yantra Prayer Flags

Good Karma

    Just in case you have yet to explore the world of yoga, a yantra is a mystical design. You might already be familiar with one. An OM symbol is a yantra. Believers use such symbols to call to the Divine. In yoga, yantras are used to assist your meditations and as a spiritual teaching tool. On each flag is a yantra in the form of a mandala which seeks to capture the essence of one of your chakras. What? You aren’t sure what a mandala is? The word mandala is Sanskrit for circle and is of Hindu origin. Mandala appears in the oldest sacred Hindu scriptures, the Rig Vedas. A mandala as used in yoga is religious art and has symbolic and literal meanings. Carl Jung saw mandalas as representing your unconscious mind. Isn’t that just like a psychoanalyst? Today mandala is used as a generic term for any geometric pattern, plan or chart which presents the universe from a human perspective. You now know more than you probably wanted to about mandalas in general, so on to the Yantra Prayer Flags’ mandalas. The 7 main chakras (or energy vortexes in your body) rise from the base of the spine (the first) to the top of the head (the seventh). The colors of the chakras are: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. You will notice each of these chakra colors are used as the background of a flag. Symbols for each chakra appear within the mandala’s circle. Whether you use the flags in your yoga practice, or to spread the subtle positive essence of each chakra around the world, you are sure to enjoy their presence in your life.

    • Yantra Prayer Flags are a generous 15” x 15”.
    • Each yantra is contained within a mandala.
    • Each mandala expresses the essence of a chakra.
    • <li) There are seven flags, one for each major chakra.

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