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Gold medal winner in the New Age (Mind Body Spirit) category of the 2013 Independent Publisher Book Awards!“Why do I make the same mistakes over and over?”“Why does my life feel so small?”“Why do we suffer?”These are all essentially questions about karma, an idea that has often been misunderstood. It seems paradoxical: Karma is a universal law, and yet we have free will. How can both be true?Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati has spent a lifetime learning and teaching about karma, and now shares her deep understanding. The 11 Karmic Spaces reveals how and why we get stuck deep in our karmic patterns of action and reaction. Through explanations and stories, Ma guides us through eleven ways that karma can trap us. She also offers simple practices that can change our karma and therefore our lives.She urges us to look beyond our habitual burden of negativity and ask new questions:“Who could I be if karma did not hold me back? ““How can I experience my soul’s perfection?”“What is freedom?”“How can I know joy?”We begin to realize that karma is the answer as well as the question.  We can choose freedom in any moment, and Ma Jaya shows us how.

Foreword by Jean Houston

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Now available in eformat through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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