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For the first time ever the general public now has access to the body of sacred art Ma Jaya created for private collections. Now you too can enjoy the variety, the diversity, the endless creativity of the art Ma painted. Our DVD of Ma’s art features 15 different series, from the lyrical “Butterfly” series to the poignant and intricate “The River” series. Ma Jaya’s sacred art included works featuring Hindu deities: the Hanuman, Bhagavat Rudra, Sri Lakshmi, Lord Ganesha, Bhagavati Krishna, and the Shri Bhagavati series. Ma Jaya loved the River Ganges and chose to feature it along with Hindu deities in her “Ganesh by the Ganga” and “Bhagavati by the Ganga” series. Ma Jaya brought the ancient Kali Natha yoga to life in a collection of flowing asanas. She illustrated her yoga concept in her “Kali Natha Yogini” and “Kali Natha Asana” and “Jaya Natha Mother” sacred art works. Ma’s “Sanyasin” and “Guru’s Feet” sacred art series speak directly to your heart. The entire collection is now available to you at one low price on a DVD accompanied by spiritual chants performed by Kashi Ashram’s own Kirtan Wallas. You’ll want to watch this DVD over and over again. You’ll discover something new each time you do! –

  • This beautiful DVD of Ma’s art was lovingly put together over a period of years by one of Ma’s students, the late Jackie Uma Guthrie
  • A collection of private art created by renowned artist Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati.
  • Her art has been featured in gallery shows in Rome, Paris, New York, and Los Angeles, in Florida, and Pennsylvania.
  • The music of “Songs of the River” performed by Kashi Kirtan Wallas accompanies the visual presentation.
  • Songs include: Ganapati OM, Kali Bolo, Shri Krishna Govinda, the Hanuman Chaleese, OM Nama Bhagavati, He Mata Durga, and Jai Radhe Shyam.

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