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Ma’s India Spiritual Giftstore is located on Kashi Ashram in Sebastian, Florida. The store, named after Kashi’s founder, the late Ma Jaya, is a vital part of our interfaith spiritual community, serving ashram residents, visitors, and a growing market worldwide. The store’s diverse spiritual products provide a tangible and real expression of interfaith. Ma loved to shop and was a frequent visitor to the store (pictured below with her daughter in law).

Our store, Ma’s India, is an interfaith spiritual shopping experience featuring over 1,500 products that enlighten and inspire:  music, books, spiritual statues, incense, yoga, meditation tools, new age jewelry, and much more. The store is managed by volunteer help and is a vital and active addition to your ashram experience, a way to have a piece of the ashram at home. 

Founded in 1976

Kashi ashram was founded in 1976 by American born spiritual teacher and guru, Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati. The ashram is a spiritual residential community likened to a monastery or a convent. On the ashram’s 80 tropical acres you experience an adventure close to unique in America, an interfaith community. What does it mean to be interfaith? We define interfaith as acceptance of all ways of kindness, as taught by Ma Jaya. We accept all the world’s major spiritual traditions, all races, all sexual orientations, as well as people who do not believe in organized religions but who do believe in unconditional love, acceptance, kindness, gratitude, non-violence, caring, and service. Kashi ashram promotes spiritual enrichment, service, and conscious awareness. The Kashi experience offers lifelong opportunities for transformation, deep connection and community. Our store, Ma’s India, offers you products to enrich your spiritual quest. 

Ganesh watches over the ashram

As you enter the ashram you see a roundabout dominated by a statue of a standing Ganesh. Ganesh is one of Hinduism’s most popular deities, easily recognizable by his elephant head on a robust man’s body. Ganesh is the destroyer of obstacles, allowing you to know that you are loved, showing you that all things are possible. He is the keeper of Mother Earth and the protector of the goddess in all her forms, as well as the deity of scholarship, and represents the perfect balance between kindness and force, between power and beauty. He personifies values the ashram’s spiritual seekers endeavor to master. You can read more about Ganesh on Ma’s India website in the section called “Articles.”

Workshops.  Yoga.  Meditation.  Ayurveda.  Permaculture. 

Behind the roundabout is a pond diverse Florida waterfowl frequently visit. The ashram office is on the far side of the pond and is open daily (except Sunday) to welcome visitors, help guide you to Ma’s India, arrange walking tours, sign you in to workshops, and answer your questions. We have programs in Kali Natha Yoga, yoga teacher training, meditation, Xi Gong, Ayurveda, permaculture, health and well-being as well as multiple outdoor fire pujas that are a once in a lifetime experience.

An oasis for every heart 

Kashi is a sustainable, contemporary ashram, and spiritual destination providing an oasis for every heart, as inspired by the teachings of Ma Jaya. You can reach Ma’s India from the office by taking Kashi’s Interfaith Peace Walk around our central Ganga Pond. Circumnavigating the pond is an opportunity to honor spiritual traditions in form or spirit. One U.S. army veteran of the Vietnam War took the walk and with tears in his eyes said, “I always thought religion should be like this.”

Experiencing the interfaith peace walk

The Interfaith Peace Walk begins at our Ganga Ghat, steps that lead into our Ganga Pond, named after the sacred river Ganges in India, where Ma Jaya traveled in 1977. She brought back water from the Ganges and placed it in the pond. There are seventeen stops along the Peace Walk including:  the Hargobind Gurdwara, dedicated to the Sikh religion; the Jewish shrine where divine love is manifested in the form of the Ten Commandments; a Christ Garden with a welcoming Sacred Heart of Jesus statue in honor of the Christ who instructed Ma Jaya to “teach all ways;” a Buddha Garden full of tranquility; Mother Mary’s statue, honoring the Christ’s mother and the divinity of all women; and the Mahavidya Temple and Labyrinth, a meditation tool based on the famous labyrinth at Chartres in France; the walk ends at the Hanuman Temple. Hanuman is the Hindu deity of humility and service, and honored on the ashram because service is a keynote of Ma Jaya’s teaching, who asserted that selfless service, or seva, was the fastest way to spiritual growth. Each stop along the Peace Walk is described briefly in a brochure available at the office, and the stops offer you a place to stop, sit quietly, and allow the ocean of peace at Kashi to lighten your heart and sustain you.

A fire puja invitation

You will notice two fire pits, or dhunis, in front of temples. A fire puja, or hawan, is an ancient Hindu ceremony conducted at the dhuni and used for purification and cleansing. The puja is full of rich symbols, color, and sound. The pujas happen throughout the year at Kashi to honor a holy person’s birthday, or to honor a particular deity. If you’d like to attend one, information is available on the Kashi website.

Our humble beginnings

When you leave the Hanuman Temple, you walk on the Kali path to Ma’s India. As with many businesses, our store had very humble beginnings when we opened for business in 1992. We started out with a small selection of products displayed on the floor (on a beautiful cloth) following the ashram’s Saturday evening program with Ma Jaya. We quickly grew into a small rented trailer, followed by a bigger one, and then another bigger one as demand increased. In 2000, in the middle of our growth, we started our web store, which now carries over 1500 items. Although we specialize in the Hindu tradition, we search around the world for all interesting products of quality that will appeal to the spiritual explorer. We finally moved into our permanent location in 2002.

Being kind to customers (and everyone else)

As you can imagine, one of the strongest tenets of our life is to be kind to others. It is our commitment to make you, Ma’s India’s customer, feel that way whenever you visit our store—online or in person.

Have a great time shopping!

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