I-Ching Abundance Pendant


Beautiful sterling silver pendant. 1”L x .75”W with 33″ cord included.The spirit of abundance is something we find within ourselves. It has very little to do with surrounding ourselves with material objects. An abundance of friends is among the greatest blessings. In their wisdom, Taoist Masters saw the simple blessings of air, sunlight, gentle winds and rain. In one profound Taoist practice, a hermit would withdraw to a mountain cave, and live on nothing but the sap of pine trees, water, and a few mushrooms. In time it was said that the recluse could learn to live on nothing at all. Their bodies survived by absorbing the energies of the earth. Against this background, the Taoist idea of abundance is one of living fully with what is available now. Struggling to achieve more; working hard to succeed, these create a kind of abundance that the wisdom of the Taoist would simply laugh at. Instead, they would just say live to the maximum now, with what you have here.

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