AIDS Awareness Red Ribbon Magnet – AIDS Ribbons

Displaying an AIDS Awareness Ribbon shows your support for those living with HIV/AIDS. Sometimes making a public statement by wearing an AIDS Awareness Ribbon can make someone else remember that the battle is not over, not by a long shot. Yes, there are people staying alive very much longer with the meds that have been developed. But so many people world-wide, and here in the U.S. as well, canít afford the drugs. So many children. Wear this AIDS Awareness Red Ribbon to show how much you care that everyone can get the drugs to keep them alive and well. And, wear this AIDS Ribbon to support continued research to find the CURE.-

  • These AIDS Awareness Red Ribbons are magnetic so you can put one your car or any other metal surface.
  • The AIDS Awareness Ribbons are 8″ tall and will stick on your refrigerator, too.

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