AIDS Awareness Red Ribbons Great for AIDS Events – AIDS Ribbons

One Roll of 100 stick-on (adhesive on back) AIDS Awareness Red Ribbons allows you and your friends to wear your support on all your clothes. Affordably. Think of all the occasions you wish you were wearing an Aids Awareness Red Ribbon, but had left yours at home Ė or didnít have one in the first place. Now you can have 100 – ĺĒ Aids Awareness Red Ribbons for you and your friends who care about finding the cure and helping those who canít afford the life-giving drugs world wide. So many children in Africa orphaned by AIDS. So many children with the disease. We have to make our voices heard, and thatís exactly what these Aids Awareness Red Ribbons do!-

  • You will get 100 (3/4″) red cloth AIDS Ribbons per roll with adhesive on the back.
  • Show that you care and inspire people to know that the fight is not over yet!

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