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Parapsychology author/researcher/ lecturer, spiritual teacher and psychic Sylvia Borwne’s book on animals is a true delight for all readers. “All Pets Go to Heaven” is Browne’s explanation of the role your pets play in your existence after death. This book and Browne’s discussion are well documented through 40 years of research, hypnotic regressions, trance sessions, and numerous true stories. Yet Browne does not ask you to swallow whole what she has to offer. Instead Browne says, “Take with you what you want and leave the rest behind.” All Pets Go To Heaven will give you a whole lot to think about.

If you have lost a beloved pet, you know how heart wrenching this can be. You have actually lost a dear friend, a confidant. But are these pets gone from our lives? Well, certainly they live on in our memories, but in All Pets Go to Heaven, Browne describes how they continue to more actively impact your life. She first takes you on a brief historical tour in her chapter on Animals in the Lives of the Ancients. Browne addresses your grief over the loss of your pet friend in her chapter of Grief and Animals – Ours and Theirs. She then takes you a step deeper in understanding your pets in the chapter on Love and Communication from Animals. Right from the first pages of the book Browne asserts that your dear pet does go to heaven after passing from this life. This delightful book is easy to read, informative, and brings you new insights into the broad value of animal life on earth. You will take great comfort from reading “All Pets Go to Heaven.”-

  • Mass Market Paperback, 304 pages.
  • Published by Pocket, reprint edition, 2010.
  • You’ll find out why Sylvia Browne refers to your pet as a form of guardian angel on earth in the delightful “All Pets Go To Heaven.”

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