Amethyst Hand Mala – Semi-Precious Stone Hand Malas

This is a beautiful Amethyst Hand Mala with Rudraksha and Tassel! Plus 26 8mm Amethyst beads with one 8mm Rudraksha and a Rudraksha Guru Bead. Great for mantra! Amethyst is a gemstone of the mind, and known for its properties of clarity and calmness. It helps you get in touch with your intuition. Amethyst is also known as a stone of transformation. It has been used widely for thousands of years, by many diverse religious and spiritual practitioners. It is even referred to in the Old Testament as being used for inducing visions and revelations!-

  • The Amethyst Hand Mala has Rudraksha beads and Amethyst!
  • Amethyst is known as a stone of transformation!

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