Ameya – Brenda McMorrow

“Ameya” is the latest release from Brenda McMorrow. This talented Canadian singer/songwriter/guitarist recently spent 3 creative years in Thailand, Korea, and India. Her adventure inspired the kirtan music in “Ameya. Kirtan is traditional Indian spiritual chanting. Previously Brenda McMorrow was a member of the London-based band Julia Propeller. The 2 albums they released received critical acclaim. She also opened for Ani Difranco and Blue Rodeo. McMorrow has been performing for over 15 years. “Ameya” is her most recent release. She is conversant in bluegrass, jazz, and folk/pop genres. . McMorrow’s songwriting reflects her passion for mystic traditions and esoteric ideas. Her songwriting is a showcase for her fascination with the mystery and beauty of life’s limitless possibilities. McMorrow’s devotion is evident in her kirtan music. . Her voice is described as lush and distinctive. As a vocalist McMorrow exhibits an honest stage presence that is inspiring to her listeners. Kirtan takes on new forms in her capable harmonics and melodies. .

With “Ameya,” McMorrow takes you into the mystical realm of chanting. The CD is an integration of her Western musical background with transcendental Eastern mantras. “Ameya” is verbal bhakti yoga – the yoga of devotion. The mantras that moved McMorrow are now set to her own kirtan melodies. You cannot help but be touched by the love, the passion, the devotion she pours forth in “Ameya”.

  • “Ameya” is kirtan (devotional chanting).
  • Ameya (ah MAY ah), the word, comes from Indian origins.
  • You can translate ‘ameya’ as vast, without bounds, or immeasurable.
  • McMorrow’s CD is ripe with the combination of East-West music traditions.
  • “Ameya” is a worthwhile addition to your music library for meditation, a quiet evening at home, or for your yoga practice.

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