A BLISS-RIDE through the Modern, the Ancient, the Electric, and the Vedic. From the heart of India and the streets of New York City comes a jewel for any progressive world music collection. Mantrica is a true Union of East and West, of Tradition and genre-defining musical Freedom. Feel the Pulse of Mantrica. Anant Jesse is the product of a unique yogic upbringing, constant world travel, intense spiritual practices, and a series of major label rock & roll releases. Former MTV darling as part of art-pop outfit Dramarama, AJ recorded four albums for Capitol/Chameleon Records • Completed four extensive North American tours and three European tours • Videos reached MTV Buzz-Bin regular rotation • MTV live appearances and numerous radio and syndicated tv appearances • Was taught sanskrit, vedic chanting, Hatha Yoga, meditation and vedic scripture from childhood • Made first trip to India at age thirteen and remains a long-time resident of both India and New York City.

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