The Art of Chakra Balancing

by Susan ShienfieldWith more than 20 million Americans suffering from depression, interest in relaxation, meditation, and stress relief is at an all-time high. The Art of Chakra Balancing comes at just the right time to answer this deep physical and spiritual need.

Author Susan Shienfield presents her unique meditation kit—including a 64-page instructional booklet, a set of chakra cards, a quartz crystal, and a guided meditation CD—that helps readers dramatically improve their well-being. The easy-to-grasp instructions outline the basics of chakra balancing while they gently lead the user through the stabilizing process.

Balanced chakras lead to many benefits, including: – Stress relief – Boosted immune system – Greater positive energy – Release of negative karmic patterns – Ability to reach goals and aspirations – Greater spiritual enlightenment

With affirmations and prompts for written and physical activities, this interactive kit makes an appropriate gift or self-purchase. The meditation tips and techniques work for those new to chakras or already seeking greater balance on their own. This inspiring collection is sure to reach a broad and receptive audience.

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