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The life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth (known as the Christ or Jesus Christ) are the basis of the monotheistic religion called Christianity. The New Testament of the Bible contains the foundation for the Christian belief structure. These stories were written down hundreds of years after the Christ’s death, much as oral stories from antiquity were written down in the Torah and the Vedas.Christianity began as a Jewish sect. Its followers believed Jesus of Nazareth was the Messiah of prophesy from the ancient Hebrew Scriptures. In the fourth century Christianity separated from Judaism and began to stand alone. It became the dominant religion of the late Roman Empire and during the Middle Ages in all of Europe. Christianity spread from the Mediterranean first to the rest of Europe where it played a major role in shaping Western Civilization. Christianity then spread to the rest of the world during the Age of Exploration.

Reverence for the Christ’s mother, Mary, came to us from the Crusades. Returning warriors brought stories of Mary to Europe where they combined with the lore of chivalry. Christianity is full of stories, legends and lore of holy people, called saints, inspired by Christian ideals to lead exemplary lives, like St. Francis of Assisi. Other saints died for their beliefs, like Joan of Arc. When you gaze upon statues of these people and contemplate their lives, their beliefs, they inspire you. Our statues represent many aspects of Christianity and will be a welcome addition to your home. –

  • The Sacred Heart of Christ statue (shown above) is located on the shore of the Ganga Pond on Kashi Ashram.
  • The Divine Feminine is lovingly represented by our Madonna and Child and Mother Mary statues.
  • We also offer statues of Christian saints.
  • You’ll appreciate the diversity of sizes, prices, and materials Ma’s India offers.
  • For a discussion about Christianity.

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