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Learn how to recognise personality types the easy way with the Astrology Mini Chart.

Astrology is the Ancient study of the positions and aspects of celestial bodies such as planets and stars and the influence they have on our human affairs, personality and character.  Astrology is also known as the study of the Zodiac, Horoscope or Star Signs. This handy Mini Chart introduces Astrology and its divinatory potential.

This concise and useful Mini Chart shows 8 Essential areas:

1. Examines each of the 12 Astrology, Zodiac or Star Signs2. Beautifully illustrates the 12 Signs plus the well known symbols for each Sign3. Explains personality patterns and general characteristics for each Sign4. Sets out the dates for each Sign, the Ruling Planet and the Keyword5. Identifies the Elements; Masculine and Feminine; Cardinal, Fixed or Mutable categories6. Details the negative and positive aspects of personality7. Outlines relationship compatability, overview of health, career and sexuality

8. And more . . .

A very useful tool for anyone who is interested or wants to learn about Astrology.

Printed and protection coated on both sides. 
Size: 7″ x 9.5″

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