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When you grow up in a religion you are taught there is something odd or shameful or different about being an atheist. So why is this book, The Atheist’s Way, offered on a website offering “spiritual gifts that enlighten and inspire” you? It is because Eric Maisel confronts the major problem atheists face – creating meaning in an indifferent universe while compassionately explaining how people who do not believe in God manage to still live moral, happy, meaningful, and loving lives. Maisel proposes in The Atheist’s Way, that atheists need to make meaning instead of seeking meaning from above. He posits this is the most pressing intellectual goal for the 21st Century. Maisel is an established writer with over 30 books published, both fiction and non-fiction. In addition he is a columnist for Art Calendar magazine. Maisel is a well-respected creativity coach who has given national and international workshops. The Atheist’s Way is his secular “how to” for creating a meaningful life. Maisel describes with authority how there are more advantages in perceiving the world from an atheistic scientific perspective than a religious one. He advocates the atheist become the hero of his own story, that he actively create his Self and become, in his words, a ‘radical individual’. To live well without gods, the atheist needs to become an active moral philosopher. In The Atheist’s Way, Maisel offers you his insights and suggestions on how to go about creating your own fulfilling life. –

  • Paperback book, 200 pages.
  • Published by New World Library, 2009.
  • A ‘how to’ book on making meaning in your personal life without direction from the gods.
  • Helps you find your place in an indifferent universe.

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