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Ma Jaya empowers the warrior deep within all of us to allow you the freedom to choose to change your life. She illustrates how your thoughts can take over your life and then she takes you to a place in meditation where your thoughts have no power. She teaches you to watch your breath. Old, young, rich, poor, male, female—we all have breath. It’s there for you to use to become free from your thoughts. Ma Jaya teaches you how to use this abundant available resource to awaken your inner warrior. Ma Jaya is quite clear you don’t have to call your spiritual friend or beloved by the same names she uses. You can even just call on a force of nature like a sunrise or a sunset instead of a spiritual being. What Ma Jaya teaches works without regard for the name used. Ma Jaya touches upon your wounded heart, shows you how to heal it. The healing does not take place in a day, yet you could heal in a moment. Ma Jaya teaches you the skills. Awaken your inner warrior and there is nothing you cannot heal. Ma Jaya did it. She lets you in on the ancient wisdom that will allow you to conquer the negative forces in your life. You have but to follow the path she illuminates for you and it’s as simple as breathing. –

  • Audio CD.
  • Each of us has many choices in life. The ability to choose is one of the greatest gifts given to us.
  • Ma Jaya hands you the tools on this CD to awaken the warrior within, allowing you to access the depth of ancient wisdom carried within your own being.

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