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bags-totes-3-7813840 The Ma’s India Spiritual Gift Store carries a terrific assortment of beautiful and practical Yoga Bags & Totes. If you want to tell the world what a serious Yogi you are, you’ll definitely carry at least one of our Yoga Bags & Totes – and you’ll find room for just about everything you could possibly want to bring to Yoga class. Or, you can use your Yoga Bag & Tote as an everyday purse and really make an impression everywhere you go. The Hindu elephant Lord Ganesh, the great protector and remover of obstacles in your path sure does make a powerful statement on your bag or tote, as does Lord shiva and the universally recognized symbol for “OM,” representing the Absolute. These Yoga Bags & Totes can go everywhere with you and are always appropriate – even at the supermarket so that you can protect our landfill from those awful plastic bags!-

  • Check out our assortment of quality Yoga Bags & Totes!
  • In all sizes and colors to meet your carry-all needs.
  • Printed Hindu imagery on every yoga bag or tote including Ganesh, Shiva and the universal sound “OM.”
  • Great to use for carrying your towel and yoga accessories or as an everyday bag.
  • Choose one or more. You’ll be happy with any, or all, of them.

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