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Did you ever wonder when you looked at ancient Egyptian clothes how they put the designs on the fabric? Mummy wrappings from the 4th century BCE revealed that batik was used at least some of the time. In antiquity, batik was a cloth-dyeing technique using a hand done wax resistant process. In ancient Egypt they soaked linen cloth in wax. When the wax dried, a design was scratched out with a sharp tool, then a dye was applied to the uncovered fabric. Batik has world-wide popularity today. Its use has expanded beyond clothes and now includes wall hangings, furniture fabric, household accessories and tablecloths. Artists are even using a batik process to create art work. The Batiks you’ll find at Ma’s India are great examples of the beauty of this ancient process. Contemporary batiking is not limited to manually done wax resistant techniques. The modern batik artist uses special wax recipes depending on the type of fabrics they are dyeing. Modern batiking might be on silk, wool, or cotton fabrics as well as on paper or leather. Ceramics and woods might be used now in batik art works. Ma’s India also carries a glammy line of cloth prints embellished with sequins. If you want to brighten up a neutral environment, these attractive designs will seduce the eye effectively. You’ll have an instant vibrant focal point for your décor. –

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