I-Ching Before Completion Pendant (Sterling Silver) – Clearance

Beautiful sterling silver pendant. 1”L x .75”W with 33″ cord included.It’s almost done. We have almost arrived. Soon, things will be different. The sense of anticipation that pervades us, before things are complete, is a deeply fulfilling one. An artist putting the final stroke on a painting knows an amazing joy. The work of self-perfection is long and arduous. And yet, we could arrive at any time. We never know how far we are from becoming the person that can be. This very moment could be the moment of your awakening. The events of our lives have meanings that don’t appear until later on. Everything leads to other things. We do well if we allow the sense of things almost-being-completed to fill our lives. It leaves the door open for things to happen, and prevents us from avoiding the new. And so our lives can be filled with a dynamic quality, and we can go on feeling young. May be blessed with longevity.

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