Howler at Dawn – Bhagavan Das

In case you missed it the first time, Bhagavan Das’ “Howler at Dawn” has recently been re-released. His voice has grown deeper and richer with age while his devotion remains vibrantly audible. Bhagavan Das’ tonal chanting on seven ancient Sanskrit offerings is enhanced by ektar, cymbals, tablas, and keyboard. His 40 verses of the Hanuman Chaleese are no less inspirational than the bhakti ecstasy of his Radhe Shyam. “Howler at Dawn” contains traditional mantras like Nataraj, Om Guru Dev, Rama Rhagava, and Jai Ambe as well as an arti to Lord Shiva. You’ll find yourself wanting to chant along with this master of kirtan.

Bhagavan Das has been called a living cultural icon of the 60s. He began his musical career in Europe where he played with Leonard Cohen. In true 60s fashion the young man hiked overland, through Afghanistan and Pakistan, into India where he lived as a Sadhu for 6 years. When Bhagavan Das returned to America he brought Indian kirtan with him and into popular consciousness, thus ushering in the New Age Spiritual Movement in music. His first album, “Ah” (1971), was produced by Michael Jeffrey, Jimi Hendrix manager, and had Alan Watts of “Rolling Stone” magazine proclaiming Bhagavan Das a Master of Nada Yoga. His colorful and diversified career includes singing with Bob Dylan, touring with Allen Ginsberg, and opening for the Grateful Dead. A number of his albums are considered classics and you’ll find “Howler at Dawn” is equally noteworthy. –

  • Audio CD.
  • Devotional chanting and Indian ancient Sanskrit mantras.

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