Durga Statue 12 inches | Ma's India Spiritual Giftstore – Durga

Our vividly painted Mother Durga statue bestows blessings upon you with her outward facing palm. She holds an array of weapons to defeat demons that plague your life. Durga holds the different weapons to show you that one weapon will not defeat all your enemies. You need different weapons to fight different enemies, depending on the circumstances. For example, you can destroy selfishness with detachment, jealousy is conquered by lack of desire, self-knowledge defeats prejudice, and ego is bested by subtle discrimination. Mother Durga will use any or all of her weapons to help her followers in their battles toward liberation. –

  • Mother Durga statue is made of resin and is 12” tall.
  • Durga is called by many names including, Kali, Parvati, and Ambika.
  • When Durga takes the form of Parvati is becomes Shiva’s consort and mother of daughter Jyoti, and her two sons Ganesh and Karttikeya.
  • Durga relieves us of all difficulties and bestows wisdom on you.

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