Tibet Mani Stones Blank Book Journal – Out of Stock

The Tibetan Mani Stones Blank Book Journal contains 150 pages of environmentally friendly, high quality paper. Their Italian bound blank book comes with its own moveable liner sheet to keep your writing or art aligned. The binding allows the journal to open out flat, particularly useful for artists. The book’s cover has wrap-around art of the Tibetan Mani Stones, in full color, and is a handy 9” by 7-1/8”. Tushita, the publisher, began following Fair Trade standards in 1980, as well as supporting NGOAEs for 28+ years.Mani stones are regarded sacred as the sacrifice to the Buddha. In Tibetan area, Mani stones in different colors, shapes with different images and texts engraved can be seen everywhere. They showcase the artistic charm of Tibetan culture. Mani stone is called Man Zha in Tibetan, meaning Sanskrit mandala. In the vast land of Tibet with sparse population, Mani stone mounds become the prayer halls and shrines for local Tibetans. The Tibetan universal Mantra, OM Mani Padme Hum, reflects the sacred nature of the Mani Stones.

Use this lovely Tibetan Mani Stones Blank Book Journal to inspire you to write your most intuitive and sacred realizations…or your shopping list. With right understanding, it becomes evident that everything is sacred in this life, all of it divinely provided.-

  • The Tibetan Mani Stones Blank Book Journal is the perfect journal to write your deepest feelings and realizations.
  • This beautiful Journal with its wonderful cover of sacred Tibetan Mani Stones, will inspire you to write your inner most thoughts and discoveries.

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