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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Paramahansa Yogananda was an Indian born Yogi and Yoga guru. Born in 1893, Yogananda traveled to the United States and taught many westerners about meditation and Kriya Yoga through his influential writings. As a young child Yogananda was seen to have a quest for experiencing spirituality far beyond the norm. At the age of 17 Yogananda met his guru, Swami Sri Yukteswar Giri. To Yogananda, this meeting was a, “rekindling of a relationship that lasted many lifetimes.” After many years of schooling, Yogananda traveled to the United States and founded the Self-Realization Fellowship in 1920. Through this fellowship and his teachings, Yogananda taught his students the direct need for truth, as opposed to blind belief. He used Kriya Yoga to express many of his views.

To understand Yogananda, it is best to start at the source. The Autobiography of a Yogi , by Paramahansa Yogananda is a wonderful autobiography. In this book Yogananda chronicles his exciting life teachings and experiences. You will read about Yogananga’s time with many saints, his remarkable childhood and the ancient science of Yoga. Yogananda uses his life as an example to show others about spiritual paths, journeys and realization. Also included in this autobiography is extensive material from Yogananda from his final years. This material cannot be found in the first edition of the book. For many years Yogananda traveled throughout the United States giving speeches and speaking to others about Yoga, and many other topics. Yogananda often spoke without the use of notes, which showed tremendous character of the man. In the book Man’s Eternal Quest by Paramahansa Yoganangda, you will find many of his talks and speeches that were later brought together in a book form. Among the topics covered in this book are, how seekers first found God, the universality of Yoga among many others. Available at a great low price, this book will bring inspiration and understanding to any reader.

Throughout time people have talked about karma and reincarnation. People have strived to truly understand these experiences. In his book, Karma and Reincarnation , Yogananda offers his insight on how these experiences can help us achieve the highest fulfillment of life. This book offers fascinating responses from Yogananda to some of life’s toughest questions. As Yogananda explains karma, death and reincarnation, he also talks about the deeper meaning of every soul. This fascinating collection will surely have you reading cover to cover.

There are many different individuals associated with Yoga that truly bring out their unique views and wonderful thoughts of meditation. Yogananda is surely one of the most influential Yogi’s in the world to this day. We have many other books associated with Yogananda available, along with many different Yoga products. You can view them all today at lg-share-en-8814421

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