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Snatam Kaur has led an unusual life—one of spirituality from the time she was a youngster. Both of her parents were schooled in the Sikh tradition and that influence has evolved over her life. In fact, along with her formal education, she received instruction in kirtan, meditation and Gurumukhi, the language of Sikh scriptures. She received lessons also in voice, violin, guitar and percussion, and the violin was a favorite instrument of hers. Not just eastern classical music, but Snatam Kaur was also trained in Western classical music. Snatam Kaur’s music thus brings to people a quality of combining both the best of the West and the East. The most unique element of course is that Snatam Kaur was raised in a deeply spiritual household where she was able to infuse her music with her aspirations to divinity.

When Snatam Kaur was a little girl, she was actually taught by the great Bhai Hari Singh. There she learned to bring great presence and awareness to her music. Snatam Kaur traveled to Singh’s home and became a part of his family while she was being tutored.

When she returned to the States, Snatam Kaur recorded her music with the Peace Family as the band’s lead singer. It was through their influence that she began to write her own songs and developed her singular sound and style, which has contributed to a fruitful career.

Snatam Kaur’s singular quality is allowing the music to wash over you and engulf you in a feeling of ecstasy. In the album Prem which is based on esoteric Sikh texts, you are enabled to enter a meditative state and feel cleansed of any obstacles in your spiritual life. Her voice moves you to the rapturous feeling of love, which is the meaning of Prem. You feel surrounded by divine love as Snatam Kaur’s music wraps around your soul.

In the wonderful album, Anand, Snatam Kaur creates an ambience where one can experience calmness and bliss, which is what ananda means in Sanskrit. Snatam Kaur ‘s voice is featured with guitar, piano, tabla beat, harmonium and sarod. Her accompanist, Manose, plays a wonderful harmonious flute, which meshes with the delicacy of Snatam Kaur’s voice. You are sure to feel the most divine peace when listening to Snatam Kaur.

With Snatam Kaur’s Live in Concert (CD&DVD), the CD features handpicked recordings and footage that arose out of her touring schedule from fall 2006 to spring 2007. We are treated to some of her wonderful selections that have been selected for their quality of excellence and inspiration. In the DVD documentary called “Path of Peace,” we see vignettes from Snatam Kaur’s life, as she travels from concert to workshops and concerts, and we are also treated to conversations conveying intimate insights into her spiritual life and her divine aspirations and realizations. We see that Snatam Kaur truly aspires to lead a committed spiritual life, both as a human being and as a gifted singer.

Snatam Kaur’s voice shows her mastery of sound healing as the vibrations and sounds bathe you in bliss and cleanse your being.

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