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Ayurveda is a science of medicine native to India, which has evolved from the Vedic period in India, approximately 5,0000 years ago. The word itself means “the science of Life.” Ayurveda does not see the patient, such as has been traditionally known in Western medicine, as a discrete person separate from his connection to the world in terms of his spirituality, environment, familial connections. In Ayurveda all must be considered in the teatment of disease. Although quite different in its approach to wellness from a western medical perspective, Ayurveda is similar to what is now being considered in the west now as “integrative and complementary medicine.” As such, disciplines such as massage, yoga,food, herbs and other alternative methods are now considered to be part and parcel of healing the entire person.

In his book Perfect Health, Dr. Deepak Chopra, a practitioner of Ayurvedic medicine, speaks to how our bodies can be influenced and extended an through the application of certain principles of awareness and balance to create a higher state of health. In Dr. Chopra’s medical paradigm, perfect heath involves a change in perspective that makes disease and old age unacceptable. As the mind accepts the possibility of a new reality, one’s physical body can make amazing and quantum leaps into healing. When one views oneself from an Ayurvedic perspective, one becomes aware of the doshas, which are “metabolic principles. Remedies for balancing each dosha are amply given throughout the book.

Ma’s India recommends the Soul of Healing, Vol. 1 DVD. In this DVD, Dr. Deepak Chopra presents a wide variety of healing therapies and explains how the body through exploring its own chemicals and biological rhythms can evoke a healing response. He introduces a variety of breathing techniques, sound healing and various other techniques to promote healing, while answering some deep questions about the dying process and addictions. An enjoyable DVD that further explains the science of how Ayurveda contributes to healing.

In a Life of Balance, the Complete Guide to Ayurvedic Nutrition and Body Types, Maya Tiwari speaks of her journey with cancer and how she sees her disease as a karmic effect of her consciousness that refused to acknowledge its roots. Wellness ensues from remembering and reconnecting her being. According to Ayurveda, so long as we ignore a karmic condition or natural law, we cannot be whole or healed. Ayurveda in essence addresses and removes the cause of disease by righting transgressions against ourselves and re-establishing balance to our system. Ayurveda calls upon us to address within ourselves the healing our body, mind and soul. Contained within this book are universal recipes for each body type from the most basic such as making fresh coconut and almond milk and how to prepare vegetables to wonderful recipes for dhals and grains, grain and bean combinations, tofu dishes, sauces and dressings, etc. A complete and comprehensive guide ranging from the origin and psychospirituality of Ayurveda as well as its practical applications and remedies for healing the body.

Dr. John Douillard, a wonderful teacher of Ayurveda, in this Ayurveda for Stress Relief DVD, brings a contemporary approach to Ayurveda, emphasizing how one can use Ayurveda to bring about healing of the major stresses of our times. He shows how Ayurveda offers a practical and common sense approach to how we eat, sleep, breathe and even socialize in the world. This includes a daily yoga workout and a plan for balance in every-day life.

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