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Hanuman is the monkey god of India. It is believed that Hanuman is another incarnation of Shiva, the great Sadhu God, who took form as a “lowly” monkey to show his humility. Hanuman is also known as Pavanasuta, Lord of the Wind, Maruti, Like the Wind, Ram Dass, Servant of Lord Ram, and Mahavira, Great Warrior. Like Krishna, he extends his compassion to devotees by appearing in many aspects so that all may worship him. Known as a great warrior serving bravely on behalf of humanity, he is most remarkably revered for his humility, service and compassion for humanity. Because of his supreme abilities to help people or animals in need, one needs only to turn to him as the “remover of distress.”

In Hinduism, a murti, or statue, typically refers to an image or deity in which a divine spirit is expressed. Hindus consider a murti or statue worthy of worship after the divine is invoked in it for the purpose of offering worship. Thus the murti or statue is regarded by Hindus and Buddhists during worship as a point of devotional and meditational focus.

One of the most popular statues is the Hanuman statue or murti. Tiny Hanuman Statues are often carried in one’s pockets or placed upon an altar as a reminder of the attribute one wishes to cultivate.

Hanuman loves Ram above all things. His simplicity is revealed as he becomes lost in the name of Rama, forgetting himself completely and who must be reminded of his incredible power. The Hanuman statue, in the kneeling aspect, is a powerful representation of Hanuman’s devotion to Rama and as one gazes on it, one feels the energy emanating from the power of this 19″ Tall Hanuman Statue.

A lesser-known attribute of Hanuman is his ability to bring humor and laughter. His representation as a mischievous, young monkey, is seen in this smaller lightweight version of Hanuman Kneeling. Note the fine detailing in this ivory-like Hanuman statue.

Hanuman is depicted in many pictures as flying with a mountain in one hand signifying his strength and a dorje in the other hand, signifying will, the qualities of the supreme warrior on behalf of mankind. When one is confronted with difficulties in one’s life, one needs only to gaze on this colorful and alive Hanuman Holding The Mountain statue for needed assistance and strength.

Lastly, amongst these Hanuman statues, we meet Hanuman in the Mandir safely ensconced in this quality-crafted mandir, a protective enclosure for his divinity. This Hanuman statue is attractively suitable for altars and puja tables.

Hail to Lord Hanuman!!

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