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Deva Premal was raised by a family that instilled spiritual values in her together with a deep love of both classical music and eastern wisdom consisting of mantra recitation and spiritual discipline. Bring those qualities together with an unbelievable voice able to carry people into ecstatic and silent states through her sound and you have Deva Premal. Both Deva Premal and her partner Miten who have lived and played together for over 11 years are able to uniquely intermingle the exploration of sound and harmony intermingled with devotion and awareness.

In the CD The Essence, Deva Premal weaves into her music a rich tapestry of ancient mantras, and blissful harmonies couched and held by a deep and spiritually evocative voice. Deva Premal invites you to remember how bliss comes through the renunciation of thought, and through her sound you are dissolved into a free space of purity, stillness and bliss. Chanting daily the Gayatri mantra since Deva Premal was five years old, you can hear the devotion Deva Premal brings to this familiarly loved chant on the first track of The Essence. Supported by her partner Miten on vocals and guitar, Rai Rishi on drums, hand percussion and keyboard, Maneesh on piano and keyboards and Reijj Junior on guitar, Deva Premal’s music takes you into ecstasy. There are no other words to describe the feeling of the essence that awaits us beyond this existence and Deva Premal’s voice successfully carries us into this special place where only bliss resides.

It is said that any mantra recited 108 times in a spirit of devotion brings to the devotee untold spiritual riches and insights. Thus, when this Moola Mantra was given to Deva Premal and Miten by Sri Bhagavan and Sri Amma, one of the gifts was the union of male and female energies promoting love and harmony. This moola mantra recitation is back dropped by the instrumentation of Jai Uttal,Benjay Wertheimer, and Manose with the instruments of sitar, bansur, flute, guitar, strings and piano. These evoke a richness of sound that parallels Deva Premal’s voice which has been described as a rhapsodic interlude of velvety sound. Allowing yourself to surrender to the voice of Deva Premal is a true spiritual experience of bliss.

Into Silence is a compendium of Deva Premal’s favorite and popular pieces of music from five of her past albums. Here you are treated to the familiar “Gate Gate,” “Om Namo,” “Om RamRamava,” and others. When Deva Premal sings, you cannot help but relax and surrender your mind to her rapturous and velvety voice. It is as if you sink into a different state of consciousness; you do not want to resist when Deva Premal carries you to your spiritual goal of peace and sacredness along the smooth and uninterrupted path of her voice.

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