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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

“Namaste” is a Sanskrit term arising out of the Hindu religion. As one pranams, which is clasping one’s hands together in prayer mode and bowing or says “Namaste” to somebody, this immediate signals the intent and content of any conversation or exchange. “Namaste” is a sacred salutation both in greeting someone and saying adieu. It is similar to “shalom” in Hebrew or “aloha” in Hawaii. Namaste means “The divine or godly in me greets and bows to the divine in you,” thus immediately setting a different tone to any conversation. When I say “Namaste,” to somebody, I am immediately calling forth a different and more spiritual response from you. Saying “Namaste” also brings a reverential mode to any interaction between people. It immediately reduces a “beta” (ordinary) type of brain wave to an “alpha,”(contemplative), thus mediating any conflicting or troublesome issue that might cause conflict. One cannot say “Namaste” enough in these times!

The Namaste Whimsy Wish Necklace is such a cheery necklace as seen by the open palm on the front of the piece. An open palm indicates, “I come in peace; I bring no harm; all is forgiven.” This Namaste necklace is wonderfully created in sterling silver, brass and copper, an amalgam of different elements, thus reflecting what one also hopes to accomplish when saying “Namaste, bringing together diverse elements. When one wears this necklace, one greets the world with an open-handed and openhearted expression of good will. The name “Whimsy Wish” also denotes that it is a whimsical wish-fulfilling necklace. So when you say “Namaste” you are also wishing the other person the fulfillment of good will and peace. This Namaste necklace is accompanied with fresh water pearls.

This attractive silk-screened Namaste Banner, printed on a rayon blend fabric, says “Namaste,” I honor the divine within you. The cobra pose also reminds one of one of the most prominent and supreme exercises of yoga. It is a wall hanging of intention to create an atmosphere of peace and sacredness. Say “Namaste” as you greet the world!

In these days of belligerent car bumper signs, a friendly Namaste Bumper Sticker is most refreshing. It is also a reminder as one travels from place to place to salute and honor the divine in oneself and others. Namaste, dear spiritual travelers, as you continue on your journey!

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