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Thursday, September 10, 2009

A yantra is a mantra in crystallized form. The representation of this form is in a geometric figure. A yantra is known to represent the entire creation and especially, the Mother Goddess. Each part of the yantra corresponds to a different aspect of the universe. In yogic thought, God or cosmic consciousness is initially unmanifest and as God begins to manifest, the first expression is the sound vibration and as the sound manifests concretely, there results a geometric expression. The yantra is thus a representation of the entire cosmos. A yantra is also made up of archetypes and is used to withdraw consciousness from the external world similar to a mandala. A yantra can provide all sorts of powers and achievements if one meditates upon it. Sri Yantra Pendant in sterling silver is a piece of mysterious art. As one looks upon this ancient mandala form one sees numerous triangles which represents man, woman and spirit or God. The downward pointing triangles are Shakti, the female aspect of creation, and the upward pointing triangles relate to Shiva or the lingam, the male aspect of power and surrender. This piece of art as yantra carries within it an unmistakable power of purity. One who wears this mandala-yantra emanates an invisible and powerful protective energy. This is not a mere piece of jewelry but a work of spiritual art.

This Yantra Prayer Flag carries the symbols of the seven chakras representing connection to the Divine. The yantra flags are a true source of power and desire for completion. This stainless steel Yantra Water Bottle holds 24 oz. of water and are a necessary accompaniment to performing spiritual or physical exercises such as yoga, tai chi, walking, running, etc. The yantra design reveals the person’s spiritual intent and carries the reminder of the yogic path.

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