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Thursday, October 1, 2009

I spoke the other day with Mme Laurensky, a woman who is known for being a Master of the tarot. She told me that she had been involved in the tarot for over 35 years. In asking her why she was considered a Master of the tarot, she told me that it was because she was in possession of some of the spiritual secrets of the tarot. She further told me that the paradox was that they were really not “secrets” in the conventional sense of being hidden. They were really quite out there for anybody. The tarot, being so readily accessible in form, like the Bible, would reveal all of these secrets if one only took the time, effort and commitment, to study them. One of the secrets, she said, was not only in the study and the commitment to the tarot, but the purity of the student. What she meant by purity, she quickly said, was the true sincerity and spiritual aspiration of the reader. Anyone can read the tarot, she said. But not everybody can read it accurately and help the seeker in their quest for wisdom.
While the tarot for Mme Laurensky had always been accurate in most situations, and her reputation confirmed this, the difference as the years passed was that as her spiritual practice deepened, so did the meanings that she conveyed to people. The tarot became less a source of information, and more a foundation of wisdom. The tarot cards became a bit like parables in that if one could examine and study them closely, they would reveal in themselves a piece of profound thought and awareness.
Even now as I was listening to her, I realized that she had begun to reveal the secrets of the tarot to me. For example, she pointed her finger at me and asked me directly, “What are you thinking?” I had to admit that I was thinking about how I was going to get her to reveal the secrets of the tarot. I became quite excited and anxious that our meeting would be completed before I learned these secrets of the Tarot.

She laughed at me and said, “Right now you are thinking of something quite not happening. You are full of fear. The first secret is that the Tarot is always in this moment. The tarot does not deal or dally with the past or future because neither is happening at this moment. This is the moment of power.” As she said that to me, my body trembled. I knew that she had then revealed the first secret of the tarot.  

She laughed heartily, this mistress of the tarot and said, “Do you want to hear another secret of the tarot?” I said, full of excitement, “Yes, please.” She said, “The next secret of the tarot is synchronicity. It is when something happens that is a seeming coincidence in time. The reason it appears to be a coincidence is that we are not aware of the magic in the universe. However, when one sits in front of the tarot deck, one makes oneself available to and influenced by this magic.”

She laughed and continued, “Do you think this is all there is in this world; that one is limited by the five senses?” I said no, I didn’t. She continued, “We are not limited to the five senses and this shows up particularly when doing the tarot. The tarot brings us into awareness of that other reality, a reality full of magic, promise and awareness. It is a time of focusing in. And as one focuses, it is akin to concentration, one of the first requirement of meditation. The tarot is like a meditation with another person. You are engaged with this other person in a journey into the soul. And when “two or more are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst of them.’”

“Do you never wonder how the cards within the tarot seem to reveal what is happening to somebody at any particular moment? Do you not ask yourself how these tarot cards can be so truthful and knowing? When you are with your tarot reader, who shares this magical quest of wonder, you are catapulted into another reality, where questions pertaining to the soul’s mission and purpose, can be revealed. That is another magical secret of the tarot.” I quickly said to her, “Oh, please, can you reveal another secret of the tarot, or am I being too aggressive? “No,” she said, “you are now stepping into the other reality, and you are excited and frightened at the same time. One of the things that people worry about is that I might reveal to them the time and date of their death. Well, I am not interested in being that kind of tarot reader. There are, I have heard, special teachers in India who sometimes possess that afore knowledge. I have chosen that this particular ability of the tarot not be mine. My strong suit in the tarot is to give you the power to access your own wisdom. Sometimes, it is said, that as one proceeds along the spiritual path, the knowledge of when they will pass on is sometimes imparted through their study of the tarot. I know that it is because they have already crossed over into a wisdom where their fear of death no longer is an element in their lives.”

And with that, she seemed weary, and I bade her adieu, while wondering when I might have another chance to meet with Mme Laurensky, Master of the Tarot. 

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