Ma’s India Spiritual Giftstore | 2009 | October

As accompaniments to meditation, phurbas (pronounced poor-bas) are little known. They hail from the Tibetan, Hindu, shamanic and Buddhist tantric lineages. Known also as a “kila,” phurbas can be a three-sided peg, stake, knife, or nail. In Tibet, the” kila” is associated with the meditational deity, Vajrakilaya.  The pommel of the phurba often bears three […]

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Three types of jewelry serve as the underpinnings of Jewish jewelry. They are the Star of David, the Hamsa and the Chai (to life) symbol. Looking closely within at the symbolism underlying this Jewish jewelry, one is overwhelmed at the depth and breadth of this extraordinary Jewish heritage representing a people persecuted for thousands of […]

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I remember when I received my first piece of Christian jewelry in the form of a cross with the body of Jesus upon it at my First Communion. I later learned that a crucifix was typical Catholic Christian jewelry as opposed to Protestant Christian jewelry, a cross sans the body of Christ upon it, symbolizing […]

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