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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mary, Mother of God is referred to in many ways: Mother Mary, Mother of God, Virgin Mary, The Madonna, Blessed Virgin, Guadalupe, and the Black Virgin, all aspects of Mother Mary in many religious contexts. Acknowledged as a virgin because only one so pure could have given birth to the purest of all, Jesus Christ, she is often honored with the words, “Hail Mary, you are full of God’s grace. Blessed are you above other women and blessed is the child from your womb.”

It’s interesting to note that while other goddesses have been known to have given birth to great saints, such as the Hindu Goddesses Parvati or Uma birthing Ganesh, or even mortal mothers who have given birth to great Tibetan saints, such as the Dalai Lama, etc. only Mother Mary is singled out and elevated to a Goddess status for her role. Mother Mary indeed has been canonized for her role in giving birth to Jesus. Perhaps one of the reasons for this is, according to belief, she was called by the Angel Gabriel as a young woman to not only givemarycross-9453402 birth while she was unmarried, but was later calumnized by others for this extreme sacrifice as a vessel for the birth. Of course, there was the ultimate sacrifice in having to endure the death of her son, Jesus. Sometimes you will see a representation of Mary with the Cross which depicts the great sacrifice.

Mother Mary is shown most times in religious paintings and statues as holding either the Baby Jesus or the crucified Jesus. One of the most famous is of course the Madonna and Child sculpted by Michelangelo. Ma’s India has this beautiful Madonna and Child pendant.

madonnachild-1765215Mother Mary is known as the utmost martyr for there is nothing worse than a mother losing her child. For those women who have lost a child and pray to Mother Mary, they are sure to feel comfort and solace in knowing that Mother Mary has undergone the same pain and agony from losing her son. Who can measure a mother’s pain? In terrible wars, where mothers lose their sons and daughters, surely it is of some comfort to those in the Catholic and perhaps other faiths to know that Mother Mary consoles them through their times of grief.

Did Mother Mary understand why her son was on the cross? Did she understand his ultimate sacrifice? Myth has it that she was told she would give birth to the Son of God, but did Mother Mary know what that really meant and that ultimately she would have to bear losing him? mothergoddess-3756932
It is said that Mother Mary appears throughout history when there is terrible desolation and there seems to be no respite from the misery. It is thought that when Mother Mary appears throughout history as Mother Goddess for Our Times, it is consolation to the many masses that have waited for her apparition to appear. Mother Mary appears to both the faithful and unfaithful, because of her utmost compassion, to restore hope to a beleaguered and besieged world, at a time when life seems stripped of meaning. Mother Mary has always meant hope. Mother Mary is also known as the dispenser of mercy, the ever-patient mother, and “protectoress” of humanity, especially, “protectoress” of women and children. Many believe that with the rise of Christianity and papal power, the cult of the goddess slowly disappeared from Western culture and faded into the Mists of Avalon along with the tales of King Arthur. So great, however, is feminine devotion to the Goddess that women have resurrected Mother Mary to be a Goddess and have worshipped her as such. The Catholic Church, however, familiar with consigning women to a lesser status, would of course teach that Mother Mary is but “mortal” and not a goddess. blessedmary-8822122
Sightings and apparitions of Blessed Virgin Mother Mary throughout history, such as the revealing of Mary at Fatima to three young children, as well as countless other appearances, show that Mother Mary is a divine aspect of the Mother and should be honored as such. Today, the world needs to know Mother Mary, especially in her role as compassionate Mother. In these days and times when there is great violence and upheaval in this world, and scores of young men are lying on a battle field somewhere, Mother Mary has been resurrected as the ultimate Mother of Compassion. Hail Mother Mary, you are full of Grace and blessed are those who partake of your Grace!

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