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Saturday, December 26, 2009

What is a prayer? A simple prayer can be seen as an attempt by others to influence or prevent something in their lives. Prayer is an appeal expressed in the form of an utterance to some so-called higher being or divine entity that has some spiritual powers. Faithful practice of prayers does indeed lend an aura of special spirituality to one’s day. When one prays, it is assumed this is for something that the devotee herself cannot bring about into manifestation by herself and seeks outside, more extra-ordinary, powerful assistance or intervention. That is one type of prayer for one’s own benefit. Another type of prayer can be seen by people who have the calling to pray continuously for the well being and inspiration of others. These people are not always visible or known to others. Sometimes these are people who reside in monasteries or even in caves praying or reciting mantras for the well being of humanity.

Prayers that go outside for the welfare of humanity can be expressed in prayer flags. In Ma’s India, special Chakra Prayer Flags epitomize both healing of the spirit and outgoing prayers. Meditation Mandala Prayer Flags are another variety of prayer flags, this time bringing one’s consciousness into a one-pointed direction towards the deity. Perhaps the prayers might also be accompanied by various esoteric hand gestures of mudras. 

Different practices and modalities that constitute the depth of prayer are expounded in the wonderful book The Illuminated Prayer that outlines the Sufi and Muslim practice of praying, beginning with ablutions and purification and advancing to celestial adoration

There is no need always for a special place in which to pray. Some people save their prayers for church on Sunday or Temple on Saturday. These people feel they need a construct of sort with a community to enhance their prayers. Others might merely hang prayer flags from their homes with perhaps the name of a deity or mantra inscribed upon the prayer flag. 

Dispelling danger or promoting good fortune can be seen both in the Mystical Animal Prayer Flags and Large Animal Prayer Flags which compel one’s awareness of the five elements of earth, water, fire, space and wind, arising from the noble attributes of the snow lion, dragon, tiger, sea monster and wind horse. Each one of these special Tibetan prayer flags both mystifies and enhances one’s spiritual life.
Prayer flags have an interesting history. They are thought to have arisen from the Buddha Shakyamundi around 1063 A.D. It was thought that soldiers went off to war carrying these prayer flags with the word ‘ahimsa.” written upon them. The paradox is that ahimsa means non-violence. For these soldiers, their prayer was for non-violence even as they engaged in war.
Colorful panel or rectangular cloths are often found strung along mountain ridges and peaks high in the Himalayas and the surrounding countryside or for other purposes. This knowledge of prayer flags was carried into Tibet and the Tara Prayer Flag created by the Tibetan Nuns project in Dharmasala, India, pays homage to Tara, the Tibetan Mother Goddess who grants all wishes.
A prayer can involve the ritual of preparing a puja with one’s sacred deities accompanied by some incense perhaps, candle, and picture. That is a simplistic form of prayer. Some people might even prostrate themselves before a statue or deity of their own choice to indicate their prayer to a higher source. In this instance, one might wish to don a special Prayer Shawl by Deity to signify their obeisance to a higher authority such as Hanuman, Ganesh, or Ram. The wonderful thing about prayer is that it is not necessary to be perfect, but is rather seen as something that is on its way to perfection. Secrets of Prayer unlocks the mystery behind prayer, encouraging those of us who wonder about what prayer means and whether it is efficacious, to continue on our prayer journeys.

Prayer has long been an adjunct and necessity to further human consciousness. It is thought that prayer is a necessary accompaniment to spiritual evolution. If one did not pray, would one advance spiritually? Or perhaps does human experience provide us with the depth that we need to progress inside ourselves. An interesting question is whether evolution or even good character is shaped by our prayers. In the meantime, if one does not feel motivated to pray, then it is a good thing to do prayer flags, allowing the arcane masters, who have already created symbolism for that purpose, to display upon your prayer flags the necessary items inspiring and promoting good fortune, peace and kindness. Sacred Symbols of the World Flags is but one example of prayerful wishes from all religions.

Ma’s India has many different types of prayer flags, and we pray there is one that will suit your special purpose of announcing to the world your spiritual intentions!

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