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Thursday, December 31, 2009

The properties of crystals have long thought to be mysterious in their various formations and shapes. Why does a round crystal have a diffferent effect than one whose edge is sharply cut and protruding. Why are smoky crystals considered more enigmatic than clear ones? And do they truly have different healing properties? These are some of the questions that anyone who aspires to become a healer with crystals might pose. Crystal Bible: A Definitive Guide to Crystals by Judy Hall answers some of these questions and poses more. This book is for beginners and experts. What is known is that over the centures various gemstones, crystal and rock formations have always held some kind of mystical appeal to humans. Now, ever since we have heard that wonderful song the Age of Aquarius, people seek to unlock certain hidden mysteries contained within the crystals. Love is in the Earth Updated by Melody answers many of these questions about the formation and origin of these crystals, a truly definitive work.

Some healers place crystals upon a person’s body and expect healing to occur as they are placed at certain chakras. The crystals’ purpose is to clear out any negativity that might be residing in any of these chakras and produce a clear feeling within the recipient. It is very important to these healers that they place the appropriate crystal upon the appropriate part of the body to produce healings on these chakras. For these purposes, a healer might use a single crystal point with a definite pointed end.. This crystal point both draws toxicity off and also channels energy to the body depending upon which way it is pointed.

Crystal healers credit Hematite Point with the ability to bring about a calm mental state, improve memory, mental focus and concentration, and bolster self-confidence. Black Onyx Point is a powerful stone of self-mastery and self-control. Rose Quartz Point is for the healing of the heart and emotions. Sodalite Point emanates a feeling of peace to wherever you put it in your home. And of course, Amethyst Point throughout history has been a highly favored crystal, often used for the protection it offers and for the spiritual benefits it bestows on the wearer. Many miraculous powers are attributed to the amethyst crystal in all sorts of cultures. Bringing good fortune to one, driving out evil spirits, inspiring the intellect is but a few of this crystal’s attributes. These are but a few of the points that are carried by Ma’s India.

The Amethyst pendant is perfect for those who are on a spiritual path or who would like to develop their spiritual gifts, and creativity. The Chakra Box Gift Set with All 7 Chakra Pendants is a wonderful gift for anyone who aspires to developing their spirituality. Another crystal tool used by healers is the Faceted Pendulum that Ma’s India offers in citrine, crystal and amethyst. When one places a pendulum over some part of the body and asks a question, this pendulum is sure to give an answer if asked in a sincere and healing manner. It is well known that crystal pendulums have the ability to pick up the body’s resonance in a very accurate way. When one places the pendulum crystal over a particular chakra, one can even measure the intensity or weakness of the energy of that chakra. In this respect, one might think of crystals as transparent healing tools. They seem to reflect and contain the energy of both the wearer and the healer. It is therefore very wise when dealing with crystals that one cleanses them either in water or in sand or salt because of the energy they pick up from the wearer. May you feel the healing contained within any one of these crystals and become the healer of your dreams!

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