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Thursday, December 10, 2009

It is very fitting at this time to bring the universal Goddess Lakshmi to our lives in the spirit of Thanksgiving and Christmas. Goddess Lakshmi is the giver of abundance, prosperity, wisdom and generosity. She is one of the most beautiful goddesses and when one sits before a Lakshmi statue, one can feel the unconditional love and abundance that emanates from Lakshmi. That Lakshmi sits upon a thousand petaled lotus represents purity and the highest spiritual love.

The festival Diwali in October is a special Lakshmi month of abundance, and people from all over the world who do not consider themselves Hindu, celebrate the festival Lakshmi. She has become a universal symbol of prosperity. During the Lakshmi festival, it is customary to bring coins to offer them to the Goddess Lakshmi. In Lakshmi statues and pictures, Lakshmi is depicted as drawing coins from her pocket. Deep Lakshmi statue shows the vessel into which the coins are placed.

Easily worn in worn in one’s coat or suit pocket would be a Lakshmi pocket statue as one advances through the day, carrying upon our person the idea of prosperity and abundance. Even the smallest of Lakshmi statutes conveys an amazing amount of detail.

The fact that Lakshmi is pictured many times as standing upon a lotus shows the spiritual power and purity of the lotus. In the Lakshmi statute, her purity, elegance and true countenance of beauty shine forth from that ivory-like composite of Lakshmi. These ivory composites reflect the luminescence and radiance of Lakshmi.

Ganesh and Lakshmi statue are a double quinnella as they say in jai alai terms. Ganesh, giver of prosperity, together with Lakshmi, bestower of abundance, grant any person’s prayer for abundance and prosperity.

At this holiday season, we at Ma’s India ask that all who look upon the radiant countenance of Lakshmi be blessed with her abundance, wisdom, generosity and prosperity in all ways. Om Sri Lakshmi Ki Jai!

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