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The properties of crystals have long thought to be mysterious in their various formations and shapes. Why does a round crystal have a diffferent effect than one whose edge is sharply cut and protruding. Why are smoky crystals considered more enigmatic than clear ones? And do they truly have different healing properties? These are some […]

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What is a prayer? A simple prayer can be seen as an attempt by others to influence or prevent something in their lives. Prayer is an appeal expressed in the form of an utterance to some so-called higher being or divine entity that has some spiritual powers. Faithful practice of prayers does indeed lend an […]

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According to a recent research study, it was found that nearly six in ten Americans from all faiths intermingle their religions or beliefs with New Age and Eastern beliefs, such as astrology, reincarnation, meditation and yoga. It’s also interesting to note that churches trying to “get with it,” have integrated yoga classes into their repertoires […]

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