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Sunday, January 10, 2010

The creation of batik, a word meaning drawing and writing, is an indigenous Indonesian art, although influences from all corners of the world have enriched its inherently beautiful design. Fashions and furnishings are utilizing batik prints in increasing numbers, inspiring the acknowledgement of the beauty and true artistry of an extraordinary 2,000-year tradition. Batik prints are now seen in flower motifs, twining plants leaves and buds, birds, butterflies, fish, and geometric forms and patterns. There are nearly 3,000 innovations in batik patterns. To create batik, one draws patterns and designs by free hand with hot wax, following by painting between the waxed sections. Then the fabric is re-waxed, cloth dyed, and boiled. The waxed areas keep their original color and when the wax is removed, the contrast between the dyed and undyed areas makes the pattern. In the past, batik was considered a fitting occupation for aristocratic ladies whose delicately painted designs were a sign of cultivation and refinement just as fine needlework and playing the harp was for European ladies of similar position. One does not have to be an artist to achieve results. In fact, simplicity is the strong suit of creating batiks and some of its best effect is often achieved by chance.

Ma’s India carries a variety of sequined cloth batiks, some in awesomely brilliant colors as a backdrop for the various gods and goddess. When one looks open and admiringly at these brilliantly colorful and sequined batiks, one can feel as if they are visited and surrounded by the various gods and goddesses. For example, the Durga Batik Wall Hanging is no simple rendition of the goddess Durga. No, these batiks at Ma’s India are actually wall hangings meant to not only adorn the walls of aspirant, but to bring

the aspirant into an emotional and uplifting experience of the god or goddess. For example, the batik of the Goddess Durga with its luminescent purple background and bright orange-colored Durga encourages one to visually and spiritually attune to the energy emanating from this wall hanging. Ganesh Batik Wall Hanging and Hanuman Batik Wall Hanging are similar in the powerful feeling wrought by these wall hangings. They are all 33 x 44 inches.

A bit smaller are the batik cloth prints gaily and brightly adorned with sequins.

Ganesh Sequin Cloth Print and Reclining Ganesh Sequin Cloth Print have the colors orange, yellow and red predominating with actual gold sequins twinkling in the batiks. Om Sequin Cloth Print has a stark black background upon which the word “Om”
sits in bas-relief. People who desire a simple mantra upon which to reflect usually utilize the batik cloth print of Ganesh, Sarawati and Lakshmi Sequin Cloth Print which combine three gods and goddesses in a tripled effort towards manifesting abundance. Ganesh, remover of obstacles and Saraswati and Lakshmi, who bestow artistic talent and abundance, are for those people wishing to not only remove obstacles to their spiritual lives, but to also attract great abundance in their lives.

These wall hangings, batiks and cloth prints will add enormously to your spiritual practice. You will feel a divine essence as you gaze adoringly at your choice of hanging or print. May these wall hangings and cloths spiritually adorn your environment and lend their spiritual essence to your meditation!

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