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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hand malas have become quite the fancy item. Worn on the wrist, these malas are not only purposeful for practicing your mantra, but they are decorative. Usually consisting of  27 beads, the beads consist of semi-precious stones, ornamental glass, crystals, and even marble. Prayer beads and malas actually originate from around 500 BC somewhere in India. Prayer beads or malas have various names. In India, mala is a Sanskrit word for garland, Misbah by the Muslims and Sufis, worry beads in Greece, and in Catholicism, prayer beads were carved into roses from which the word “rosary” has evolved. The Sanskrit language and its alphabet are considered sacred. The ancient Hindu Vedic tradition had great reverence for sound. All creation reputedly originates from cosmic vibrations and chanting the sounds of the Sanskrit letters and words used as sacred mantras, while fingering the prayer beads and malas, can make one realize absolute union with God, or the Supreme Being. Malas also appeared in the Buddhist tradition in Asia, and the story is that when a certain king prayed to Buddha for a practice to help him ease his suffering, Buddha responded by telling him to string 108 seeds and recite a “taking the refuge prayer.” While Buddhist mala beads were traditionally made from seeds of the bodhi tree, Tibetan malas use turquoise, lapis lazuli and coral. The purpose of all mala beads, no matter their composition, is to help create peace and harmony for the spiritual aspirant and her community and environment. A mala or prayer bead is used to focus one’s mind to achieve clarity and devotion. By counting the beads of the mala repetitively and saying the desired mantra, the mala becomes empowered with spiritual energy. In fact, any person who picks up the mala of an experienced meditator might be astounded by the energy it emits.

Ma’s India carries very contemporarily fashioned hand malas which are also attractive, unique and in possession of some mystical and healing elements. Hand malas are particularly useful because of the fact they can be used as a bracelet and a mala, when needed. With 27 beads, you can count to 108 beads by counting 4 times.

The Snowflake Obsidian Hand Mala is very powerful in its genesis. Naturally occurring volcanic glass, obsidian has been known to give to the wearer the power to manifest his/her destiny. If you wish to conquer fear in your life, you will want to wear the Sodalite Hand Mala. The gift of the sodalite is that it has the ability to vanquish the origin of fear. Saying your mantra daily with this hand mala will go a long way towards extinguishing disempowering impulses.

White Marble Hand Mala is a brilliantly conceived hand mala. The starkness and luminescence of this hand mala evokes purity and antiquity at the same time. This mala is used extensively in homeopathy and naturopathy as a balancing agent and is said to enhance one’s serenity.

Picture Jasper Hand Mala emits an energy which promotes spiritual affinity between people. It is known as the stone of “global awareness,” promoting brotherhood and sisterhood to save the planet.

It goes without saying that Red Tiger’s Eye Hand Mala promotes clear vision and is used if you wish to cultivate a discriminating view of life. This mala is for the person who wishes to engage a high quality of perception and vision within him.

Frosted Glass Hand Mala is similar to Tiger’s Eye in that it promotes clarity and transparency of thought. This mala is for you if you wish to cultivate clear vision and understanding.
Whatever mala you choose, it becomes a statement of your desire to achieve a discipline of devotion and concentration. Om Namah Shivaya!

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