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February 22, 2010 on 3:00 pm

Decals and stickers, while considered small items, can carry a big message. That’s why we love these decals and stickers sold in Ma’s India.

namaste-sticker-782960-6874477The Namaste Sticker says, “My soul salutes the spirit and soul within you.” This is a one-word sticker that packs a big wallop. Try saying “Namaste” to somebody and experience a feeling of deep communication and resonance.  
Chakra “You Are the Light” Sticker is similar to the Namaste sticker in that when one places this set of three stickers onto any surface, window, door, closet, etc., that same illuminated feeling is evoked.
yoga-bumper-sticker-747643-4780389We personally like the attractive Yoga Sticker, five inches long, that has the Om symbol contained within the “o” letter. This Yoga sticker can be placed on any surface, including your yoga mat or duffel bag, announcing your intention to practice yoga wherever you go.


Three bumper stickers: Namaste, Free Tibet Bumper Sticker, and Save Tibet Bumper Sticker announce a courageous spiritual intention to the world and that you are not complacent in your feelings about the privilege and preservation of human rights.

Of particular note at Ma’s India both for their beauty and similarity to stained glass windows are the Sunseal Decals. Noteworthy is the beautiful blue color present in almost every one of these Sunseal decals. These striking “blues” seem to immediately transport and uplift one’s vibrations just by gazing at them.

chakra-healing-decal-720181-7616303The Sunseal Chakra Healing Decal features a stately yogic figure with seven chakras, a wonderful decal for meditation on the chakras. As the sun streams through your window through this decal, it also shines on any chakra upon which you are meditating.

medicine-buddha-decal-751739-1058710The Sunseal Medicine Buddha Decal actually calls forth the “Medicine Buddha” in Tibetan tradition. If anyone is recovering from an illness, this is the decal for him or her.

om-mandala-decal-750150-9156840The Sunseal Om Mandala Decal brings one’s consciousness into sharp, one-pointed meditation, a true find for anybody beginning meditation.

midnight-lotus-decal-793229-1419249And many “ah’s” for the Sunseal Midnight Lotus Decal with its brilliant contrast of midnight blue and white. We feel this decal particularly brings the mind into clear focus. 


Sunlight’s Eye of Buddha Decal has fast gained popularity and we see this decal in many settings as we drive along or read our periodicals. These eyes are a reminder to look inside and not outside as we are wont to do.

Bring these stickers and other beautiful decals at Ma’s India into your home or office and have readily available to you both inspirational messages and scenes of beauty and meditative awareness.

Om Namah Shantih!

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