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February 4, 2010 on 3:00 pm

primo-incense-710155-8478170Primo Incense Sticks have been hand made by a family in India since 1969. They sell two kinds of incense: Primo Connoisseur Grade and Primo Extra Special Quality incense. These triangular boxes housing these incenses are replete with sayings and quotes ranging from the 19th century Irish poet William Butler Yeats, English poet John Milton and John Donne to famed statesman Winston Churchill. All fragrances from these incenses are prepared from nature’s finest essential oils and exotic flowers together with hundreds of different wood and tree powders, rare resins, aromatic herbs and spices.

primo-nightqueen-706812-9749064These are not mildly aromatic incenses, but strongly redolent of the flowers and oils they represent. Primo Night Queen Incense Sticks sensually and evocatively calls forth the nightingale of the night in its scent. When one lights this incense, memories of dream-like images and nights are called forth.

Primo Sandalwood Incense Sticks has been called the incense of the Gods and is a mediator’s favorite incense. This is because of its ability to transport one into a strongly spiritual vibration and mood. When one lights this incense, one is immediately brought into a deep meditative state. Sandalwood also immediately purifies and sanctifies any atmosphere in which it burns.

primo-amber-722611-7674306The poet John Donne speaks of romantic love as his words are inscribed on this box of Primo Amber incense. Amber traditionally is known as the “sensual” and “erotic” incense for its ability to deeply relax the body and open the heart of the recipient to this scent

Then there is Primo Nepal Musk Incense Sticks, which calls forth the smells and aromas of spiritual India, evoking the sights and smells of the city of Nepal with its most luxuriant and evocative scent of musk.

Primo Patchouli Incense Sticks is well known and considered to be one of the most popular of incenses. Commonly known as the incense of the “hippies,” since it was discovered early on in the 60’s and 70S amongst the “flower children,” it has found its way again into the popular mainstream as a relaxing and calming anodyne. 

primo-jasmine-787447-2615479Primo Jasmine Incense Sticks with its well known floral scent has the ability to call forth those memorable days of southern gentility where the smell of jasmine was irrevocably linked with polite gentility and iced mint laced drinks, cultivating a gentleness of mood and deep refinement and relaxation.

Primo Lavender Incense Sticks has a purifying scent that immediately clears any room of lower vibrations or smells. It immediately lifts the spirits and vibrations of any meditator so that they may be engaged in the pursuit of their meditation.

Primo Incense is affordably priced and gives you many nights of long-burning scent-filled nights of meditative moments. Whatever Primo Incense you choose, know that your heart, mind and soul will be carried into moments of spiritual bliss and fragrance filled delight!

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