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March 15, 2010 on 2:00 pm

From the desk of the Spiritual Explorer


Krishna Das has done it again. In his new CD, Heart as Wide as the World, Krishna Das has once again reclaimed his role as bhakti soundmeister of a whole generation of not only Baba Neem Karoli devotees, but other afficianados of kirtan and chanting. If one were to say that thre was someone who has contributed largely to the popularity and mainstream outflow of chanting and kirtan, one would have to look no further than Krishna Das.

How does one describe Krishna Das’ popular appeal? The general answer would have to be that Krishna Das’ songs speak to and resonate from the heart. In fact, one would say that the “path of the heart” is Krishna Das’ vehicle, and one would have to go no further than his previous albums for proof: Krishna Das states that Breath of the Heart, One Track Heart, Pilgrim Heart and Heart Full of Soul were vehicles for carrying himself and others into deeper places within their hearts. In Heart as Wide as the World, he again with his full throated resonance and deep devotional singing carries us back into the deepest realms of our heart where we can hear our krishna-das-717216-9408838Beloved’s name. Krishna Das in Heart as Wide as the World states that for him, chanting and music are ways for people to not escape with music as he once did, but as a way to return to their hearts to find the true essence of love and meaning; it is also a way of letting go of the mind and thoughts.” Krishna Das says, “My guru said, it’s better to love everybody than to try and figure it out.” I think this has been accomplished in Heart as Wide as the World.

Heart as Wide as the World has seven new tracks, each one as heartfelt and devotional as the other. In his deeply resonant voice, Krishna Das with his full-throated devotional singing captures and fills our heart with devotion. The single track of Heart as Wide as the World is a very touching and lyrical piece sure to satisfy Krishna Das’ many fans and devotees. I especially loved By Your Grace/Jai Gurudev as an example of his long-standing commitment to his teacher and guru,Baba Neem Karoli. The remaining tracks are soul-satisfying and deeply felt.

Om Sri Baba Neem Karoli! May our hearts remain open to life and love!

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