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Sometimes the beauty and elegance of crystal points do not show as well in pictures. Pictures cannot capture the power, radiance and feeling emanating from the particular crystal points we are currently showing at Ma’s India.

rose-quartz-point-774186-2387939These crystal points are encased in sterling and worn as pendants with their own sterling silver chain. If you are in the healing profession, as many of our customers are, you can easily use these crystal points to clear away any negativity, both on a person and in a room. The tradition is that crystal points can be used upon any chakra, either to remove negativity or to send power, depending upon how one holds the crystal point. One can either point them inwardly to convey the power and emanation of the crystal or dip them in and out to lift bad energy. Another use of these crystal points is as a pendulum by which you might answer any particular healing question you have. It is customary that when the crystal point circles to the right, it is a “yes” answer and the left is of course, a “no” answer. Simply stated, these crystals are just beautiful with a great deal of feeling emanating from them.

amazonite-crystal-point-717664-8988228We love the delicate rose hue of the Rose Quartz Point. When placed on the heart, the fourth chakra, one might feel a definite ability to heal emotional imbalances and help the recipient to open his heart to love and feeling.

We are particularly enamored of the Amazonite Point. This dark green color with specks of white embedded crystal brings a great soothing reassurance to the nervous system and feeling of peace. Amazonite crystal point is also known as a joyous stone enhancing creativity.

black-onyx-crystal-point-733216-3552596As you look at the Black Onyx Point, you can feel your attention drawn inwardly into a one-pointed focus, as if your energy is gathered inward instead of dispersing outwardly. This dark hue crystal point can bring one into a place of stillness and depth and also clears any negativity that might be present.

azurite-crystal-point-790603-4881603Azurite Point with its unique deep dark green and light green spots is associated with clarity in prayer and meditation. Azurite Point is known to not only increase psychic abilities and open intuitive facilities, but it also enhances creativity.

amethyst-crytal-point-788497-5271830Amethyst Point is similar in that this crystal point enhances psychic abilities and makes one more sensitive to higher vibrational energies. Amethyst is the stone of Royalty and is considered to be most spiritually enhancing. Amethyst is also the crystal associated with the third eye.

hematite-crystal-point-751389-9039406Hematite Point, known to strengthen both the etheric and subtle bodies, is also a great healing aid for those who have just recovered from illness. This crystal point is similar to herbs in that it builds up and purifies the blood and acts on the inner and outer bodies to strengthen and revitalize.

Because of the subtlety and transparency of crystal points, they can pick up negative energy and hold onto it. You will want to do cleansing of your points if you have been wearing them for some time as they readily pick up the negative vibrations of people and surroundings. However, this is easily remedied through placing them under water, soaking them in salt water, or allowing the sun or moon to cleanse them.

Happy Crystal Point Choosing and Wearing!

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