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April 29, 2010 on 10:00 am

from the desk of the Spiritual Explorer


Superhit Incense 100g Box

I had to laugh. On the side of this incense called “Super Hit,” it says, “helps reduce the negative and positive aspects of all zodiac signs.” This sentence brought me back to the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, where if you were introduced to somebody, they might say to you, “What’s your astrological sign?”

This Spiritual Explorer never liked answering that question because I, like many others, thought it just put us in some personality “box,” from which we could never recover. And then there was always that aspiring astrologer who would say, “Oh, you’re doing that because you’re an Aries.” So I never again will reveal my sign.

Then I looked more closely at the Super Hit box, and it “hit” me that these manufacturers of Super Hit were very “serious” about the astrological implications of using this incense since all of the zodiac signs are represented on this box of “Super Hit.” So I decided to consider the matter more closely.

Doing a little research on the reviews of Super Hit, I saw that it had its true fans. One such fan said, “This is some potent stuff. Super Hit retains the distinct sweet and earthy aromas that you would expect from a traditional Indian incense stick, but it kicks it up a notch without getting too perfumey.” Another one stated, “Like being in a store with black lights, Peter Max posters, and the Stone’s song ‘She’s a rainbow’. A throw back from the true hippy days.”


Superhit Incense Cones

Okay, thank you, fans. Coming back to the “real world,” Super Hit incense is manufactured by Shrinivas Sugandhalaya, the maker of the world-famous Nag Champa incense. One of their salesmen told me that if I loved Nag Champa, I would love Super Hit.

And that’s just what happened. I burned my Super Hit incense the other night, relaxed into my meditative posture and allowed the Super Hit incense to bring me to a very deep, intense meditative state. As a lover and connoisseur of Nag Champa incense, I find that I really do love Super Hit. As one of the reviewers said, Super Hit imparts an earthy fragrance, which can be very grounding in meditation.

Try Super Hit; I promise you’ll like it!

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