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April 20, 2010 on 10:00 am


Song of India India Temple Incense

I invited some friends to sit with me at a group meditation the other night and as they arrived, each one remarked upon the “wonderful scent” that pervaded my home. I told them it was experimental incense and asked each one whether it enhanced their meditation. To a person, they all agreed that this India Temple Incense not only relaxed them as they were meditating, but also actually inspired them spiritually to go deeper within themselves. The next day I found that the scent of Song of India, India Temple Incense, lingered in my home. My housekeeper said that she so enjoyed the scent of the India Temple Incense that she was inspired to stay even longer than the time for which I had hired her.

In short, this Spiritual Explorer found India Temple Incense to be totally delightful. As everyone knows, incense is used for so many purposes: cleaning stagnant energy from a room, bringing about a spiritual calm to one’s meditations, destroying undesirable odors and finally, uplifting one’s energy when meditating. The difference, however, is that when you burn India Temple Incense, it really feels like you are just inviting a fragrance into your room as opposed to merely burning incense.

I must say that while this India Temple Incense does all these utilitarian and spiritual things, I was amazed at its likeness to a perfume scent called Red. That was indeed a surprise. And when this delightful fragrance lasted longer than a day, I felt that it was to my economic advantage to buy it. As they say in the trades, two for the price of one is truly a bargain.

As I picked up the package of the India Temple Incense, the scent was instantly available to my nose. I again experimented with the India Temple Incense and put it in my car and my dresser drawers. I had a new car and the new car scent was instantly replaced by the India Temple Incense for which I am so grateful. It actually feels as if it has the same properties as potpourri.

Made in India, these 20 hand-rolled incense sticks can also make delightful gifts for anyone. As some people have said, “When you enter a room where India Temple Incense is burning, it’s not like any ordinary incense; it’s like Heaven!

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