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Padmini Dhoop Incense

Ah, the fragrance of incense, how it invites all of us to relax into a mellow state, inviting the essence of our spirits to enter our meditation and hopefully guide us towards greater wisdom. So it is with those thoughts in mind that as Spiritual Explorer, I have been interviewing certain incenses with a mind to recommending them. Unlike faulty advertising and the such, incense makers seem to deliver on what they promise on their boxes.

So today for my purview, I have selected Padmini Dhoop Incense. Twelve boxes wrapped in a shrink wrap containing 120 sticks of “dhoop” incense for burning dhoop, I eagerly opened the box. Straightaway, I saw the convenience of carrying these little boxes of ten 2.5 inch long sticks. As I continue on my travels of spiritual exploration, I can just whip out one of these little boxes and quickly place my dhoop stick in the metal ring neatly indented on the right of the box. For me, a great selling point about dhoop incense is that it is core-less which means that it does not spill ash from its core, but burns very neatly and thoroughly. How convenient!

Feeling like a wine sommelier, I first inhaled the fragrance and noted that its base note is rose balsamic, a very romantic and fragrant scent, with traces of semi-sweet musk. My familiarity with this scent tells me it is a long-lasting fragrance that will permeate the room even after the meditation. I must say that I love these little boxes for their travel convenience. In fact, one of the sales people at Ma’s India related to me how a young man in the merchant marines regularly purchases three packets of 36 boxes every six months to accompany him on his ocean travels. Similar to me, he enjoys the fact that this incense, unlike those that are longer, do not unravel or unwind after a time.

Enjoyable is the fact that these little boxes can make fine gifts to a number of friends who share my meditative interests. Some of them are great travelers like myself and I know they will appreciate my thoughtfulness.

Lastly, I have just learned that Padmini means “She Who Sits on the Lotus,” and that is our great Goddess Lakshmi. So surely everybody who lights this incense will be blessed by this bountiful and prosperous Goddess.

Om Sri Lakshmi Ki Jai!

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