Speaking on Karma for Animals and People

By The Spiritual Explorer | Published 16 September, 2010

Dear Spiritual Explorer: How does Karma work for animals? For example, why do some cats live in the lap of luxury while others are out on the street? Why does this happen? Angela., Florida

Dear Angela: I’m really not an expert on karma. I think you have to be a guru or great teacher to speak officially and with great authority on karma.

But I can say this: Living in the lap of luxury does not always make for a happy cat. Nor do I think a poor cat living out in the streets is necessarily unhappy, because maybe the cat enjoys his wild, feral life. I think I’d have to be a pet psychic to figure that one out.


What Animals Can Teach Us About Spirituality

I can recommend a great book about wild and tame creatures called “What Animals Can Teach Us About Spirituality” where the author, Diana Guerrero, talks about these wonderful companions, dogs and cats, that have entered our lives to give and receive love. Animals are such a great gift to us and it gave me great pleasure to read about their habits and generosity to us.

I do know that I have similar questions regarding karma when it comes to people who live on the streets also. I don’t know why I get to live the good life when somebody perhaps equally worthy has bad luck in their lives. I have seen very intelligent, hard working people forced to live in their cars with their children because they have lost jobs.

While I would not presume in any case to talk about somebody’s situation being a result of bad karma, one thing I do know. And that is, that no matter what situation people are born into, I have been fortunate enough to see people whose will to outshine a bad situation has caused them to become stronger and positively influence others with their courage. I think we have all heard of stories of people who have far outdistanced their diseases and handicaps to become stronger and gain more character. That’s what I would call, if I really understood karma, good karma resulting from bad karma. Sometimes to make myself feel better, I like to think that people’s and cats’ next lives will be even better because of their unfortunate struggle in this life. However, I am not sure of this.

While I’m not a guru who can speak about karma, I feel that we can best serve animals and people by being responsive in any way we can to those whom we personally come into contact with, and send good thoughts to those we cannot directly help. That always makes me feel better.

Thanks for writing, Angela. Regards to you, Spiritual Explorer

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